Cooking oil purification

Frysorb selectively adsorbs the major byproducts created when oil degrades during cooking and frying.

Frysorb Adsorbents are “engineered particles” with many interconnected pores. We selectively “activate” the surface structure of the Frysorb particle to preferentially target and chemically attract oil contaminants.

Free fatty acids (FFA’s), trace metals and soaps are polar materials which have an affinity for the surface of Frysorb particles. Frysorb, with its large, activated internal surface area, captures harmful oil contaminants.

saladCooking oil deteriorates rapidly and builds up off-flavors and odors which are conveyed to the food. Frysorb removes these off-flavors and odors which maintains the fresh qualities of cooking oil and lengthens its useful life. Consequently, you maintain product consistency and significantly increase product shelf life.

Frysorb is a food-grade active filter media and may be used in place of diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aids, magnesium silicate and other active filter media.