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Frysorb Silica/Clay Adsorbents & Catalysts for Cooking Oil Purification

Frysorb Adsorbents are “engineered particles” with many interconnected pores providing access to vast internal surface areas. We selectively “activate” the surface structure of the Frysorb particle to preferentially target and chemically attract oil contaminants – even at high temps – > 450 F. Desirable components remain in the oil.
Free fatty acids (FFA’s), trace metals and soaps are polar materials which have an affinity for the surface of Frysorb particles. Frysorb, with its large, activated internal surface area, captures these harmful oil contaminants through a three-step mechanism:

  • Polar molecules encounter the external surface of the Frysorb adsorbent particle.
  • The polar molecule is rapidly adsorbed onto the Frysorb particle surface and then diffuses deep into the interior of the Frysorb pores where it is chemically trapped.
  • The Frysorb particles, having captured dissolved contaminants, are easily filtered.

Cooking oil deteriorates rapidly and builds up off-flavors and odors which are conveyed to the food. Frysorb removes these off-flavors and odors which maintains the fresh qualities of cooking oil and lengthens its useful life. Consequently, you maintain product
consistency and significantly increase product shelf life. Frysorb is a food-grade active filter media and may be used in place of diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aids, magnesium silicate and other active filter media. Daily treatment with Frysorb is recommended to maximize oil quality.

Frysorb selectively adsorbs the major byproducts created when oil degrades during cooking/frying (temps > 450-F) which results from three main reactive processes:

  • Hydrolysis – creates Free Fatty Acids and glycerols
  • Oxidation – creates alcohols, peroxides, aldehydes, and ketones
  • Polymerization & Caramelization – color bodies & increased absorption into food

Frysorb removes these dissolved contaminants as well as suspended particles such as charred batter and breading particles which catalyze the degradation of the oil. During filtration, both the Frysorb particles and the contaminants they contain, are completely removed from the cooking oil, which maintains the quality of the oil. Daily treatment significantly reduces oil loss & saves thousands of dollars each week !

Adsorbentech Company provides an automated, turnkey filter system that guarantees Zero-Bypass filtration (< 1 micron) of the adsorbent and all suspended particles in the oil. The purified oil returns to the fryer particulate and contaminate free.

 Frysorb Adsorbents from Adsorbentech Company
Daily treatment with Frysorb maintains Oil quality and can:

  • Extend oil life from 100 to 900 percent saving Thousands of Dollars weekly
  • Improve product shelf life
  • Improve fried food taste
  • Improve oil color
  • Improve product consistency by reducing product oil absorption
  • Reduce oil-carryout
  • Reduce odor and off-flavors from deteriorating oil
  • Reduce foaming and smoking
  • Reduce sticking of food to equipment
  • Reduce labor and production downtime – easier cleaning
  • Reduce energy costs – remove contaminants/ oil films that lowers heat transfer
  • Remove suspended particles, crumbs, and contaminants with precise filtration
  • Support customers with World-Class Lab and Technical resources

For additional technical info on adsorbents and filter equipment, assistance, contact:

Yolanda Garcia: yolanda@frysorb.com
Robert Hutton: robert@frysorb.com

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